Hair Design

Hair design is a collection of visual creativity.  The combination of cut, color and style allows our hairstylists to create the perfect fit for each of our clients.  We pride ourselves on professional development, continuous education and exceptionally skilled talent.

Advanced Haircut Artistry & Style Services:

At Salon 926, we specialize in both razor and dry haircut techniques. Using a razor correctly allows our hairstylists to soften your look and to add playful movement to your hairstyle design.  Dry haircutting is a great technique to personalize any haircut or to find a solution to an unmanageable section of your hair.  Come to Salon 926 to observe our hairstylists imprint personal effects in our choppy bobs, notched bangs, textured ends and hand finished edges.  We offer you our creative artistry based upon our staff’s creative talents and experience. We will always offer to begin each salon service with a complete haircare consultation to review your desires and needs as well as optional services with the respective prices.

Haircut & Style

Women's Haircut      $40+

Men's Haircut        $37+
Girls under 10       $30+

Boys under 10      $25+

*Includes finished style


Shampoo & Blowdry Style  $30+

Hair Conditioning Treatments $10+
Creative Styling & Upstyles  $75+

Personalized Haircolor


Haircolor is a personal creation.  It is the key to turning a good hairstyle into a great hairstyle.  Every client is unique and requires individual haircolor techniques to achieve the ultimate vision.  Visit our salon to experience our fiery reds, beach blondes and frosty browns, all with incredible shine and the perfect tone to complement your skin tone and accentuate your eye color.  Ask for a complimentary haircolor consultation to experience all the options available to you!


Signature Haircolor system by Joico and Wella:
Signature shades that are rich, natural looking color system that features over 55 dimensional, high shine shades.

A color system that restores the natural moisture balance and repairs damage to its internal structure.
Imagine a color system that strengthens and proctects the hair's cuticle layer during the hair color process while maintaining flexibilty, elasticity and shine while preventing future wash out and fading.

Single Process Haircolor - $65+
Enhance or permanently change or lighten hair
Replaces nutrients loss during color process
100% gray coverage.

Single Process Treatment - $75+
Includes a conditioning treatment while root color is processing

Demi-permanent color - $60+
Enhance natural or current hair color
Effectly blends gray hair without lift
Erases unwanted highlights
Creates dimension with lowlights

Color Glaze $40+
Effectively blends gray hair on fine hair
Refreshes faded hair ends
Imparts incredible shine and luster



Creative Highlighting Techniques


Full Head:

Short Hair   $85+

Medium Hair  $95+

Long Hair  $110+

Partial Head Highlights -$85
Foils placed around hairline and in part

Face Framing Highlights - $50+
Brightens hair around the face


Lowlights - $50+
Imparts depth into hair to create the illusion of fullness

Duolights - $95+
Uses two haircolor shades to create more depth and a more natural look

Triolights - $110+
Uses three haircolor shades to create a truly unique palette that enhances your haircut and style


Balayage - $65+

Free-hand painting to create movement and lightness to the shape of hair

Gray Blending Highlights - $85+
Uses highlighting techniques to blend gray, brighten dull color and create a softer and more natural look


Balayage Fade Out- $120+

Gradual fading of hair color from roots to tip



Just for Men

Haircut & Style  $37+

Trim & Clean Up  $10+
Shave neck, trim eyebrows, edges and around ears in between haircuts

Haircolor & Gray Blending Systems:

Guylights   $35+
Soft to bold, we will enhance your image with fashionable highlights

Men Only Haircolor: $30+
These techniques give us the ability to create the natural color men want in as little as 10 minutes.

Blocking: This works for hair lengths longer than 1 inch to create a natural look with movement

Hair Painting: This technique works for any hair texture and length to create a subtle gray blend

Gray Blending: This technique works for any texture and length to achieve all-over gray blending

Brightening: One color level lift to brighten dull, flat haircolor

Retexturizing Services:


Perms & Waves:

$72 to $95

Texture Taming Treatment

$40 to $55
For men with unruly texture or curl, this treatment reduces texture by 20 to 30% in 15 to 20 minutes

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